Action Movie Fanatix Review: Barbarian Queen

Barbarian Queen banner

No Man Can Touch Her Naked Steel

Starring: Lana Clarkson, Katt Shea, Frank Zagarino, Dawn Dunlap, Arman Chapman

Director: Hector Olivera

1985  |  70 Minutes  |  Rated R

“There’s a reason for fighting and entertaining a tyrant isn’t it.” – Argan

After Amazons and Gladiators failed to quench my thirst for sword fighty violence I decided to check out another movie with a very similar plot called Barbarian Queen.  And now, after watching, I’m still quite thirsty.

When Roman soldiers invade her village, violate her sister and capture her fiancé, barbarian queen Amethea vows revenge and sets out to free her people.

Well, the movie wastes no time in getting right to what I assume most people are watching it for… violence and boobs.  I guess when you only have 70 minutes of run time you have no choice but to dive right in.  When a movie opens with a rape scene and a soldier saying “Nothing like a virgin to brighten a man’s morning,” you know you’re in for something *ahem* special.

The sets and costumes are straight out of a renaissance festival.  The acting is about the same level.  And the sword fighting of Barbarian Queen… downright sucks.  The fights looks unrealistic and are often filmed in a way that don’t even show the swords.  Who in their right mind thought that was a good idea?  A sword fight focusing on the faces of the fighters.

On the plus side, the poster is pretty awesome!

When Barbarian Queen finished I had nothing to say to myself but “What did you expect from a movie called Barbarian Queen?”  To expect anything less than a mediocre sword and sandal flick with ample amounts of nudity would have been ludicrous.  If that sounds like something up your alley go ahead and give it a shot, otherwise… just don’t.

2 thoughts on “Action Movie Fanatix Review: Barbarian Queen

  1. Well written and kindly described considering you left out one particular way she kills. This movue actually played in theatres but then a lot of Frank Zagarino’s movie went straight to VHS (or Beta lol) or DVD. He’s had quite a B movie career. One ‘major’ film: “Where The Boys Are ’84” failed to launch his A movie career despite his memorable entrance. He got to be Dolph Lundgren’s workout partner in Maximum Potential (1987) Dolph’s workout video back when everyone was making a workout-even Stallone. Frank has 51 films to his credit and is the star of most. Striker, Pdoject Eliminator, Shadowchaser, Project Shadowchaser (series), and Operatuin Delta Force to name a few deliver entertaining Action. He’s a screen presence to be sure and I’d say King of the B Action Movies.

    • Uh, yeah, I guess I didn’t know how to describe that kill without being too graphic, though many probably cite that scene as the most memorable of the film.

      You know your Frank Zagarino! I’ve probably only seen him in a handful of movies so he is yet another area of action movie lore I need to bulk up on.

      Thanks for your kind words and the reply.

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